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Tuesday limerick: On Being Better at Blogging

Some say a writer must blog,
her vocabulary for to jog.
For storytelling chops
to allay grammar cops,
I must trod through this blog bog.

I’ve been distracted, admittedly, by various jobs – those which pay and those which may someday. Doc and I have been trying to make a baby. I blog about that on a separate site. There’s the ol’ day job. And the ol’ book I’m working on. And summer. Summer’s a bitch for blogging. The sun is bright enough – who needs extra blue-light hours? (I’m mocking myself here.) All this to say I hereby commit to updating this site well more than once a month. Hold me to it, will you? 

Monday limerick: Bringing Up Bebe – A book review

I have just completed a read
’bout how the French raise patient babies.
You must be firm and have grace,
Use a convincing face.
Often non is the only word you need.

Like the rest of the birthing-age world, I’ve just finished reading Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, by Pamela Druckerman. I found it engaging and a quick, easy read. I’ll probably at least try to implement some of the suggestions on my own children, whenever they arrive in my life. But mostly it was just an interesting ethnography about how another culture does it, and how they end up that way. Recommended.

Wednesday limerick: For Katniss

Giving in to the Hunger Games craze,
we read the first book in two days.
Now we like it the best.
We’re completely obsessed
in at least 4600 ways.

I’m sure there will be more once I’ve completed Catching Fire. 

Wednesday limerick: The waiting is the hardest part

When awaiting the Doc’s ovulation,
It’s best to avoid contemplation.
The eggs won’t drop faster.
Tis not a disaster.
You see, you must always be patient.

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Monday limerick: Case of the Mondays

Monday is the dumbest of days
In at least eighty-six-hundred ways.
All “ho hum!” and “boo hiss!”
I am so over this.
Back to bed! Let’s start over, I say!

Wednesday limerick: New Mexico

Well shoot. I was traveling last week and on a plane for most of Monday, so this week’s limerick has been pushed all the way back to Wednesday. Alas, a brief limerick for last week’s workcation in New Mexico:

When exploring across the US,
I’ve determined I like mountains best.
(The deserty kind.)
Brown and green you will find
if you choose to explore them out West.

Up in Taos, at this time, there is snow…
petering into patches below.
In the valley, just sun.
Where the Rio Grande runs…
It so beautiful – New Mexico!

Monday limerick: Why does the man still have a platform?

There once was a fellow – Limbaugh
who believed he was above the law.
T’was his sense of humor
To start offensive rumors
And treat women as if they were chaw.

There was this sensationalist – Rush.
He did not respect women too much.
He enjoyed slinging slurs,
thoughtless, cowardly words –
Calling smart and poised law students “sluts.”

This one requires no context, providing you’ve been reading the news. 

Monday limerick: Always head in the direction of your destination

When making a road trip selection,
Make sure you go in the right direction.
Take the road that is straighter
Else you’ll just get home later.
I say this for your own protection.

After returning from two weeks in Peru, Doc and I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to spend every single weekend in the proceeding month on a road trip. First, we drove to West Virginia to belatedly celebrate my brother’s ordination. The following weekend, we went to Atlanta to visit friends. This past weekend, we had a baby shower in Charlottesville, VA.

Looking at a map, you might think the drive to Charlottesville from Asheville would be relatively straight and logical. Alas, one must drive west across the mountains to Tennesee, then north and northeast, past Roanoke, before heading back east across the mountains again to Charlottesville. It’s about a six-hour drive, give or take, with stops.

Tired – both of being awake and of driving these road trips – I accidentally took the route east out of Charlottesville toward Richmond. 30-40 minutes into that drive, Doc decided to search the iPad for food options.

“Are you going the wrong way?” she asked. As if she expected me to say something like, “Yes, in fact, I decided it might be nice to drive home along the coast.”

But no. I was completely clueless to my mistake. Rule one of road trips – and a good life lesson in general – should go without saying:

Always head in the direction of your destination.

Monday limerick: My iPhone broke

Recently my iPhone stopped working.
So, on Twitter, I had to stop lurking.
While I wait for a new one,
I’ll be the bored and the blue one.
No updates result in my smirking.

At least til the new phone arrives…
Then we all can get on with our lives.
Oh the joy that will bring –
That little digital thing,
Which I now think I need  to survive.

Nothing brightens up a Monday quite like limericks! That’s why I’ll be updating this site weekly with a Monday limerick, on a different theme each time.