Two Years On: New Things Growing

It's been two years since my book, A Singing Army, was published and pushed out into the world. It's been an interesting experience. I wrote that book because nobody else had, hoping that someone(s) who wanted to know that story might then be able to find it and maybe it would give them ideas or... Continue Reading →

A Chat About Zilphia

I got to sit down with Highlander's librarian and archivist, Susan Williams, to talk about Zilphia's role -- her work and her legacy there. This video is part of an effort around a new Septima Clark Learning Center that the folks at Highlander will be building soon. In preparation, they're doing some videos about the... Continue Reading →

Songwriters on Songwriting: Darrell Scott

Originally published in The Bluegrass Situation There are many reasons to write music. Some songwriters work alone, others are at their best in collaboration. Sometimes lyrics pop into one’s head like a rhythmic mantra, other times the song floats in on a seemingly familiar melody. The place where songs come from is elusive and subjective.... Continue Reading →

Conversations with… Buddy Miller

Originally written for The Bluegrass Situation “I don’t work on things that don’t mean something to me,” Buddy Miller says, and you know he means it. After all, you can’t fake that kind of dedication. You can hear it in the music and see it on the stage, in the way he bends a note... Continue Reading →

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