In Folk Music Books

If you see this on the shelf somewhere, grab yourself one. In its pages, you’ll find my discussion with Bream and Dylan expert Geoffrey Green about whether or not Self Portrait is one of Bob Dylan’s greatest accomplishments or biggest head-scratchers. I think we decided it was somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, the volume is loaded with great spoken criticism and analysis from some of the finest folks in my field. Among them are artists like Rodney Crowell, Suzanne Vega, Ric Ocasek, Nicole Atkins, ?uestlove, and Joe Henry; and writers like Anthony DeCurtis, Holly George-Warren, Robert Christgau, Geoffrey Himes, and many, many more.

The archival photos are also pretty fantastic, to boot. I’m happy to have been some small part of this project.

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  1. As a obsessed fan of Bob for years and a musician myself, I have always been interested in Selfportrait, which is for me an album separated from the others. In a special place. It cannot be put along other albums simply because it contains a lot of covers. But it’s magic, really magic !!

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