The Next Big Thing – Tag! I’m It

Last week, my friend Denise Kiernan tagged me in a post on her blog, effectively signing me up for this author meme that’s going around. Denise and her husband Joe are both fabulous writers whose work - together and apart - deserves your eyes. Her newest book The Girls of Atomic City - about the women... Continue Reading →

Brandi Carlile live at Red Rocks, CO

Originally written for We're in the middle of the mountains, far from town. This is the domain of wild animals, dust and jutting monolithic rocks. There's a breeze and clouds and maybe three visible stars, but who's looking up? Brandi Carlile is alone on the stage down there, at the bottom of the amphitheater.... Continue Reading →

What Woody Guthrie did

Originally written for No Depression It's hard to really imagine how life was in 1912, having not been there myself. From this end of the internet, it's a sepia-colored place where everyone dressed a little less casual than they do now, looked either freakishly dapper or remarkably filthy, but always proud and probably at least... Continue Reading →

Review: Mercyland – ‘Hymns for the Rest of Us’

Originally written for The relationship between music and spirituality has a history about as long as human beings have been capable of giving voice to their beliefs. In fact, there's reason to believe music has had a place in spiritual practice since before any of the contemporary religions even took root. Conversely, modern music would likely... Continue Reading →

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